Armchair Nomad grew up in Las Vegas, NV. He took to making music as a teenager after receiving a generic red guitar from his now late father as a gift. At 18, he purchased his first synthesizer, a Korg Poly 800. 

After a stint throwing and performing at raves under various monikers while living in Las Vegas, and an early start offering music for sale through when it catered to indie artists, he moved to Maryland and studied audio engineering and graphic design at the Art Institute of Washington. He subsequently took a few years away from music.

Armchair Nomad released his official debut single Terminal III in February 2016, which was included on an Indie Shuffle downtempo playlist in March 2016. He also had a second, parody track titled You're In My House created for and played on the No Agenda Show podcast several times by hosts Adam Curry of MTV fame, and tech blogger, writer, and former Tech TV host John C. Dvorak. In August of 2016, he released two new tracks on Mangled Music Collective's self-titled compilation; Adagioperator and Silicon Sundae, which was placed on Blisspop music blog's Spotify playlist. That was followed up with New Days in February 2017, a 20 minute "mix tape" featuring a small collection of Creative Commons licensed music with some original production.

Following a few years with no releases while working as a freelance audio engineer and doing a lot of post production while revamping his studio, he and friend/fellow musician Supply Fi rehashed an old track titled Rediscovered on Supply Fi's album Lift in 2019. He followed up with the single Invisible on Feb 29th, 2020, which was debuted a week earlier on Altered State, Penn State college radio's indie electronic radio show. 

Taking inspriation from bands like Orbital, Future Sound Of London, Aphex Twin and many downtempo electronic acts, all the way to bands like Tool, Nine Inch Nails, 21 Pilots, Faith No More, Big Data and Radiohead, he strives to take his listeners through a mental and aural journey with beats and rhythm, but also recognizes the importance of melody and emotion in music.