Blackout Day 2020

Today is Black Out Day, which was a planned day of online protest started by the music industry, so I wanted to send a quick word out to you all today regarding the current events. I know there's so much going on right now that it can be overwhelming. I've personally been brought to tears at some of the images and video I've seen over the past week. It's not always easy to know how to help, and protesting is only one piece of the puzzle. 

If you are able to make your voice heard in some small way, whether it's blacking out your social media, speaking out online, or simply speaking up if and when you hear or see racism, every little bit is better than nothing. However if you want to take it a step further, and can't or don't feel safe going out to protest, I've made a small list of some organizations you can donate to if you're able. There is a much more comprehensive list of resources at the bottom. It only takes a few moments to make a difference. 

If you are going out to protest, please be careful! 

Armchair Nomad


George Floyd Memorial Fund - Here

NAACP Legal Defense Fund - Here

Black Lives Matter - Here

The Bail Project - Here 

Many more resources here - Here